C8 Video Streaming & Storage

C8 Video Streaming & Storage

Cinema8 streaming & storage feature allows you to take full control of your interactive and linear videos with Live & VOD streaming and includes technologies such as Video Streaming, Live Streaming, Adaptive Streaming.

Cinema8 offers its own storage space. In addition, if you already have a video storage platform you are using, it integrates with Cinema8, allowing you to easily add interactivity to your videos. 

Streaming Models like Progressive Streaming, VOD (Video on Demand) HLS, DASH, MSS (Microsoft Smooth Streaming) are all supported and Cinema8 can work integrated with third-party DRM (Digital Rights Management) companies.

Using Buffering Streaming technology, videos are cached at certain seconds intervals. This allows the viewer to continue uninterrupted data flow during network contractions that may occur while watching the video. Thanks to the previously cached video range, the audience has a better experience. At the same time, with the adaptive bitrate technology, when the viewer starts watching the video, it optimizes the video resolution according to the internet speed of the viewer and allows the viewer to watch the video without any pauses. These two technologies work together on Cinema8. It uses the AKAMAI CDN infrastructure to provide uninterrupted and high-quality services wherever you are in the world.

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