Creative Studio

Creative Studio

Cinema8 Creative Studio is an online video editor that allows you to make editings and add interactions on your videos. With magical touches in its world, you can turn each of your videos into interactive experiences.

Video Content Editing

Even for simple operations such as trimming video, adding text, images, you normally need to install programs and deal with complex tools to use. You are able to add all these elements and more to your video with drag-and-drop widgets without installing programs to your computer and writing code thanks to the easy-to-use feature of Cinema8.

Design Interactive Experiences

When you produce video content, you wish that it would be worth it. The most important issue is for your viewers to receive the entire message you will be giving throughout the video. However, in most of the consumed content, viewers decide whether to watch the video in the first 3-5 seconds or leave the video before they finish the whole video.
With interactive videos, you can attract the attention of your viewers and ensure that they stay in the video longer. With Cinema8, you can prepare gamified content by adding game elements such as questions, time restrictions, points, and badges to your videos. By determining decision points, you can enable users to experience their results according to the answers they choose.
You can also use dynamic fields in your videos. In your videos, you can show them the information that you will receive from them - such as addressing them with their names, presenting the form data they filled or the score they collected in the video. Communicating with them in this way makes them feel like I'm here and valuing you. Customized videos make them feel more valuable. By evolving your videos in this direction, you allow each of your viewers to create their own experiences.

Layer Structure

Cinema8 Creative Studio works in a similar way to design programs you are familiar with. Thanks to its layer structure, it provides the opportunity to work very flexibly in your video projects. You can add, delete, move as many layers as you want in your video project and add as many interactive widgets to the layers as you want in the same intervals.

Interactive Widgets

There are many interactive widgets on the editor screen. You can add them to your video timeline at any time interval with just drag and drop feature.

Branching- If you want your video flow to continue according to your users' choices, you can use the question tools or clickable areas.

Questions- You can ask single select, multi-select, fill in the blank and free text questions to viewers. Also, your audience can send the answer as video/audio recordings.

Multimedia- With various multimedia types added on the video - such as audio, image, gif, video - you can inform viewers any time they want and give feedback.

Clickable Area- You can transform any area on the video to buttons, you can add hotspots, links, images that can serve your intended purpose such as opening a web site, jumping a specific part on the video, opening another video, opening popups, audio or trigger something else.

Forms- Sometimes you need to get info about your audience, collect leads and analyze them according to your purpose. In these cases, your key element will be custom forms that you can create own surveys into your videos.

Navigation- It is very important to divide your video content into chapters to prevent your viewers from getting lost in the content and to switch between different sections whenever they wish. You can add chapters to navigate in the video content.

Subtitles- To enable your videos to be watched in multiple languages, you can add subtitle files to your videos and have your viewers select them from the settings.
You can click here to learn how to use all the tools.


You have created your videos ready to be published. So, how will you transmit them to your audience?
There is no need to render the videos you have prepared in Cinema8 for long periods of time. Your videos and interactions are kept in the cloud. Just by clicking on the Preview button, you can watch your video right now and share the URL with your viewers in any way you want. Each of your videos has also embed code. Using this code, you can publish your interactive videos on any website, system or mobile application.
Social media tools are one of the most frequently visited web applications. You can also share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can click here to see how-tos.

Besides all these, you can publish your interactive videos on your Cinema8 Corporate Tube, create playlists and share them on your channels.

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