How to Calculate Score with Questions

How to Calculate Score with Questions

What you need when you prepare a video quiz is perhaps to show your viewers their total score. Let's start with the first question.

How to Calculate Score with Questions

Let's add a Single Select question to the video timeline. Write the question and answers. Click the settings button at the right of the correct answer. We need to fill in the fields in Set Variable area. You have to enter the label into the first box and the value into the other box. For example, let's write "score" as label and "10" points as variable. When the person answers "a" to this question, he/she will earn 10 points. After making the settings, save it.

Let's add the other question. Open the settings part of the correct answer as before. We need to fill in the fields in Set Variable area. In the first box, type the label in the same way. In the other box, we should state that the value that we entered in the first question should increase gradually. As an example, we need to write “score” as label and “${score} + 10” as variable. When the viewer clicks this answer, his score will increase by 10 points. After making the settings, save it.

For other questions, repeat the same steps in the previous question. Now let's show the score that the viewer got at the end of the video.

Drag and drop the Html widget from the elements panel to the timeline of your video. Type any text and click on the Dynamic Text field in the window. Select the parameter you want to appear on the screen from the list. Here, let’s write “Your Total Score:”, select “score” and click Save.

When you preview and answer the questions, you will see your result at the end of the video.

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