Generating API key for integrations

Generating API key for integrations

Get an API Key

To start to use C8 Apis 

  1. Go to the Cinema8 admin panel and navigate to Settings Area
  2. Select API Keys in the settings panel
  3. Select the user to assign this API key. This key will be functional with selected user's roles & permissions.
  4. Press Create API Key button to generate your API key.


Generating API key for integrations


Add the API key to your request

You must include an API key with every Rest or JavaScript API request. You can use our sample codes to test the API access. Replace  YOUR_API_KEY  with your API key.

Sample codes in cinema8 GitHub account

C8 API keys don't have a time limit, you can also create multiple keys for multiple purposes-users. 

You can read these articles to implement integration with the Cinema8 platform ;

Authentication & SSO

Javascript API


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