How to Use Google Fonts in Interactive Videos

How to Use Google Fonts in Interactive Videos

Generally, organizations have some design standards of their branding. When you design interactions on your video, you may want to use custom fonts. Cinema8 offers default fonts that you can use when adding text to your videos. These are; Andale Mono, Arial, Arial Black, Book Antiqua, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Impact, Tahoma, Terminal, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana. However, you can also integrate Google Fonts to Cinema8. Let's take a look at how you can do this now.

After you log in to Cinema8, click Settings on the left panel. Then, click on the Player Customization. In the Custom Fonts section, you can see the font integration area. We will write here the URL of the fonts that we select from the Google Fonts.

Cinema8 Articles - Using Custom Fonts in Interaction Design

Now, open a new tab on your browser and type There are too many fonts here. To select a font, click on the pink plus icon at the top right of the font box. When you’ve finished the selection, copy the URL that is in the box that appears at the bottom left of the window.

How to Use Google Fonts in Interactive Videos

Turn back to the Cinema8 Creative Studio. On the Custom Fonts section, paste the URL to the related area and then click Save button.

After you accomplish these settings, you can use these fonts in your interactive video projects.

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