How to use Project History

How to use Project History

When you want to change the locations or times of the vehicles you added while creating an interactive project in Cinema8, you may want to take backups first. Because there is always the possibility of deleting an important tool from your project, even if it is accidental.

In fact, Cinema8 Project History comes into play at exactly these moments. What is this Project History?

Project History

The area where you can make a backup by saving the changes you have made in your project. You can restore your project by returning to the backups you received later.

Cinema8 History List - Backup‚Äč

1. The area where you will determine the name of the backup you will create.

2. The button you need to click to create the backup.

3. The area you need to click when you want to return to one of the backups you created.

4. When you choose a backup, you need to click the button to return to the backup.

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