Introduction to Cinema8 Interactive Video Platform

Introduction to Cinema8 Interactive Video Platform

Cinema8 is an interactive video development platform founded by Gobito Digital Solutions in 2017. Cinema8, which meets the video needs of enterprise or individuals with its features such as production, hosting, broadcasting, and reporting, continues to develop the platform with the innovations it adds. If we look at Cinema8 competencies in detail;

Interactive Video

Interactive videos are video types that give viewers the opportunity to interact with videos and make Viewers part of the video. So, how is the communication between the viewer and the video provided? This interaction takes place with the forms, clickable areas, questions and buttons added on the video, so it is aimed to increase the viewer's interest in the video. Interactive videos stand out today as they are innovative and fun compared to classical videos.

Now, with Cinema8's more than 20 interactive tools, do what you want on the video and increase the interest in your videos.

360° Interactive Video

360° videos are videos that have a circular view compared to classic videos and you can see every aspect of the video. For this reason, its popularity is increasing day by day. However, compared to regular videos, 360 videos require 360 cameras of different structures when recording. Despite this extra need, it is easy to shoot 360 videos. So, what can we do with a 360 video we upload to Cinema8?

In fact, whatever interactions you can perform in normal videos, you can do the same in 360-degree videos. Just drag the tool, drop it over your 360 videos and watch the change.

Streaming and Storage

Today, with the developing cloud technology, corporate companies, and individual users host their videos on alternative video hosting platforms. Apart from the interactions you can add to your videos, Cinema8 also provides video hosting services.

Your interactive and classic videos are hosted on Cinema8 and broadcast from Cinema8. Using the private and geographically dispersed servers with Akamai CDN, the content delivery network accelerates delivery by caching content in multiple locations and fulfilling content requests with the closest server. With the Cinema8 solution, Hybrid Video Architecture, even more, advanced solutions are used in multi-branch institutions.

Live Stream

With the addition of live broadcasting feature to today's social media platforms, live broadcasting has entered our lives more. For this, we wanted to make it easier for our users to reach the viewer by adding the live stream feature to Cinema8.

All the live broadcasts you make on Cinema8 are recorded. Recorded live broadcasts can then be made interactive with Cinema8.

Deliver your live broadcast to the viewer with an RTMP link that you will create in Cinema8 without using any code, program or add-on.


It is of great importance to whom the videos we prepared are watched. Because when you determine your viewer, you can organize the videos you will prepare in the future according to these data and increase the interest of the viewer.

Cinema8 allows you to determine your audience by giving you data such as heat map, usage, location, device and browser, which viewer answers what question, user interactions in your interactive or classic videos. Moreover, you can easily download all this data to your computer and edit it later.

Enterprise Tube

Cinema8 Enterprise Tube is a special tube service that allows organizations on online video platforms to stream their own videos, upload their interactive videos and create their own channels and playlists. While it provides classifications such as the newest, most viewed and recently added, it also offers features such as likes/votes. It can be integrated into all systems with Single-Sign-On, allowing corporate users to easily log in.

So, in which interactive videos can you use Cinema8?      

Cinema8 easily stores the movies you take and lets you draw ways to progress with your powerful interactive tools.

Upload your videos to Cinema8. Then, with the questions you will add to your video, direct the viewers to different parts of the video according to their answers. Thus, every viewer will have a video experience that covers his own choices.

Training Videos
Whether you are preparing corporate or individual education videos… Upload your videos to Cinema8. Then place questions in the sections you want. Open the analytics screen and check the viewer's answers to your questions.

Moreover, in Cinema8, it is possible to add not only questions but also surveys, clickable areas, other educational videos, images, and articles.

Product Introduction
Do you have a product you want to promote? By uploading this product to Cinema8 as a video and dividing it into titles, you can easily promote it, allowing the viewer to examine every point of the product in detail.
When you want to promote your company, factory or any place, all you have to do is take a video of this area and upload it to Cinema8. Then, with the interactive tools, you can add to the video, you can move the viewers in the place you want to promote.
It is very easy to present your own contests to your viewer with Cinema8. Prepare your video, upload it to Cinema8 and place the questions. Collect the contest reports of your viewer participating in your contests.
Wouldn't it be easy to promote and sell products on video? This is possible with Cinema8.

In Cinema8, you can add buttons to your videos where viewers can buy products and add them to their carts. On the other hand, viewers who add products to the cart do not bother to search for products on the website, but they can buy the product they like on the video.

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