Reporting with API

Reporting with API

The Reporting API provides a general reporting mechanism for web applications to use reports based on various platform features (for example, Content Security Policy, Feature Policy, or feature deprecation reports) to make them consistently available.

The Reporting API provides the following key benefits:

Both current and historical snapshots of the data are available. The historical snapshots allow you to generate reports which provide insights on when things have changed.

You do not need to copy and paste data into existing reports every time the data is updated.It gives you the opportunity to create custom queries for existing data and gives you complete flexibility to create reports for your specific business needs.

You don’t have to be a software developer to query it, instead you can use familiar third-party reporting tools  to retrieve and visualize the data according to your business needs. The reporting API is secure and only users with a valid API Key can query the data.

You can filter or expand the data retrieved allowing you to target the specific metrics you need to track. You can easily run the query to get the latest data from your site and also you can use any reporting tool of choice or build your own bespoke solution to visualize data.

In Cinema8 Reporting API brings a common infrastructure for applications to collect user generated data from your videos.

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