Cinema8 New Interactive Project

Tips & Tricks - Creating new interactive project

Creating a New Interactive Project

"Create Project" is the page where you can create a new project for interactive video & 360° video and livestream.

Project Information

You can name your project with "Name" in the "Project information" field, enter the description of your project in the "Description" field, and enter the tags of your project with "Tags". The tags you add to your project will assist you while searching on the projects screen.

Project Media

The "Project media" area is where you can choose the main video you will use in your project. Click here to open the video library and choose the video to make interactive. You can also specify the preview visual of your project on the "Projects" screen here.

Privacy Settings

The "Privacy settings" area is where you can choose the privacy settings of your project. You can make your project public by choosing "Public". There are 3 options under the "Private" option.

With "Password", you can put a password on your video. In this way, only those who know the password can watch your video.

The "Domain Restriction" field prevents your videos from running except URLs. In this way, you will prevent your videos from being used on other sites.

With "Unlisted", you can watch the video exclusively for a certain group or make it completely private. While this option is selected, nobody but you will be able to watch the video.


You can choose the folder in which you will place your project with the "Folder" field.

You can visit the page about organizing projects in Cinema8 Knowledgebase.

360° Settings

If the project you will create is a 360° video, you can make your project compatible with 360 degrees by activating the "360° settings" option. Thus, the Cinema8 video editor will activate interaction tools specific to 360° videos.

By turning on the "Auto Device Orientation" feature, you can make the screen rotate automatically as the viewers watching the 360° video move their device horizontally or vertically.

Display Settings

With the "Display settings" area, it will solve the problem of gaps around the screen that videos experience on mobile devices due to resolution differences. According to the option you choose here, your video will be placed on all mobile devices without any gaps on the screen. (Image loss may occur in the horizontal plane in the Portrait option and in the vertical plane in the Landscape option).

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