Using a Video CMS

Using a Video CMS

What is Video Content Management System?

Nowadays, we use more videos to reach too many people day by day. This brings us a necessity to find a way to store, share and manage all videos from a single point without slowing the local bandwidth. As a solution, video content management system allows organizations to build, manage and deliver all video content structure according to their needs and goals.
As referred also as Video CMS, it is a service that makes easy to organize and deliver all of your videos.

Why Do Organizations Need a Video CMS?

Organizations have customers, employees and also other partners. They may need to reach them with videos about promotional videos, instructional content, sales presentations or some information videos. Organizations need to organize their video content according to their target audiences and also manage all the users. They should be creating video channels, playlists, permissions, roles and users such as a video publisher. This is the main reason to build their own video content structure and manage it.

Benefits of a Good Video CMS

Store High Size of Videos

Videos take up much more space than simple texts and images. It is very difficult to host especially for high resolution videos, especially if not just one. That’s why to require to have a custom video hosting service.

Organizing the Videos

When you are starting to use a video CMS, firstly you need to think about how to categorize your videos. According to your needs, a video CMS provides to you an area where you can store your videos under the name of Library. In this library, each video should have tags and should belong to a folder to group your videos that gives you easy access to your videos and analyze them.
As one of the most important reasons, it is crucial to creating SEO friendly content by adding tags, call to actions, mentions that you define for a video.

Compatible w/all Devices

All of your users should be able to view your videos from any device without format problems. Not all platforms you upload a video support this. Anyone trying to watch the video from a tablet or smart phone cannot open every different video format. Format compatibility is a big point for a video CMS so that your videos can be watched seamlessly from all devices.

Optimizing the Quality for Each Viewer

It may be quite annoying to have slowness and freezing in watching videos depending on the use of the internet resource and bandwidth. As a solution to this, a video CMS may change the video downloading quality of each viewer based on internet speed and capacity. Also, it may deliver your videos as fast as possible by downloading only the part that they are watching.

Search Engine

Let’s wish we could also search in videos like Google where we could search for everything that we use every day. Sounds good and reasonable, right? In fact, it is as normal as it is pleasant. Some video CMSs allow you to search for speech within your videos.

Getting Insight by Analytics

As video content producers and managers, we want to access analytical data of the videos. It is important to focus more on our audience, get to know them better, and reproduce or organize our content accordingly. A video CMS can give you the viewing rates of your videos, the movements that your viewers make on your videos, and perhaps more. Turning this data into an insight will be your greatest assistant in improving your video production and management processes.

Also, analytics is a key component of a strategy. You will need to determine if your videos are earning a return of investment (ROI) or not. So, you should use the video metrics to measure according to your goals. When you recognize some videos have a great impact on ROI, you should do them more.

Editing Capabilities & Interaction Design

A modern video CMS may give you the power of online video editing and interaction design while managing your video repository. Beyond just managing the content, it also provides you to trim video and combine different videos. Even better, in such video CMS, you have the capability of making interactive your linear videos and engage the audience.

Security of the Content
Many of the video CMSs have addressed the security situation in relation to encryption of communication between content and viewer. Moreover, with Single-Sign-On feature you can give users access to video CMS with the same information as any company software they use without creating an additional load.
As an organization, you may have private videos as well as very likely public videos. It is possible to identify the users who will watch these private videos in your video CMS and give them various permissions. Since not every user will be interested in every video, it will be necessary to watch videos that are of particular interest to them.
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