What is Video Element in Cinema8

What is Video Element in Cinema8

With the Video element, you can add videos on your video in full screen. If you want, you can activate a button where you can allow them to pass the video you put when the time expires.

What is Video Element in Cinema8

First, we drag and drop our element from the Elements list to the layer. The screen below will meet us.

What is Video Element in Cinema8

1. What video we want to add with the video tool, we select that video.

2. We click to add the selected video into our main video and our element is ready to use.

Editing Video Element Settings

When we successfully add the Video element to the layer it will look like the following.

What is Video Element in Cinema8

1. “Video" element attached to the layer.

Once I click on the element on my layer, the system will open the settings of the element clicked on the right side of the screen.

What is Video Element in Cinema8

1. The area you will name the element you added.

2. Area showing when the element will enter the screen.

3. Area showing when the element will exit the screen.

What is Video Element in Cinema8

4. Button that allows you to preview the video element you added.

5. Button that allows you to replace the video in the video element you added with another video. 

Click on the "Change Video" button. Select and save which video you want to select instead of the current video from the opened video library.

6. Option to choose whether the element you added is visible or not.

7. Select the action you want to do in the video when the element exits the screen.

Click here to see all the actions’ explanations.

8. Add the new action you want to do in the video when the element exits the screen.

9. Button where you can open the player controls of the video you added on the interactive video.

What is Video Element in Cinema8

10. Time set for viewers to watch the video as mandatory.

11. Mandatory watch time text.

12. The text of the button that appears on the screen after the obligatory viewing period is over.

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