Widget API

Widget API

Widgets are key expansion points of any cinema8 interactive video. While You can use any widget from the widget library you can also develop your own customized widgets with the C8 Widget Development environment. This article walks you through the widget environment where you can develop unlimited solutions natively integrated with the video timeline and access all inner features of C8 client APIs.

Before starting you can read these articles ;

Widget Platform Overview 

Widgets are customizable and reusable elements within the cinema8 environment. Widgets are at the core of Cinema8, making the capabilities of integrating any technology, extending and integrating the platform limitless. You can use any widget from the widget library and also develop your custom code base.
Widgets can be developed using the Widget development environment and the output will be a self-runnable-code-snippet that works in a sandbox inside the videos. 
Whenever you develop any widget, the widget will be accessible inside the creative studio, you can drag and drop and customize this widget within the creative studio. 

All Widgets have common functions & properties inherited from the core Cinema8 element.
Common properties inherited from core cinema8 element

  1. Name
  2. Start
  3. End
  4. Visible
  5. Onstart
  6. OnEnd
  7. OnClick
  8. Position (in percentage)

You can also add custom parameters inside your widgets to make the widget reusable between different videos.

Defining & Using Parameters
Accessing parameters in HTML code
Accessing parameters from javascript code
Accessing parameters in CSS code
Using UniqueSelector
Cinema8 Javascript APIs accessible within widget JS code.
Using 3rd party libraries
Saving & Retrieving Data within widgets
Timeline integrations 

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