How to Create a SRT File?

How to Create a SRT File?

You may want to make your videos in different languages. One way is to add subtitle options to your videos. You can offer different language options to your viewers by adding SRT files into your videos in Cinema8.

SRT files with the original name “SubRip Subtitle” are used with the .srt file extension. This file type is one of the well-known subtitle file formats. You can prepare these files using a simple text editor. Now, let’s create an example SRT file.

1. Open Notepad from your computer and save your file. In this document, we will write the fields that should be included in the subtitle document.

How to create SRT file - cinema8

An SRT file contains the following items for each caption:

- The number of the caption
- Starting time code, ending time code. Time code includes 4 parts:
- Caption- try to keep limited for 32 character and 2 lines
- A blank line that indicates the beginning of a new caption sequence

2. Write 1 to start typing subtitles in the document. This indicates that this is the first caption. Then, press Enter.

3. Write the starting time code of the caption. Then, press Space.

4. Type --> from your keyboard. Then, press Space.

5. Write the ending time code of the caption. Then, press Enter.

6. Write the caption that belongs to this time frame. If you want, you can keep it in 2 lines. Then, press Enter twice.

7. Write 2 and continue to write the captions.

8. For each caption, you should repeat all these steps.

9. Save and close the file.

10. Go to the file name and right click on it. Click Rename in the list. Remove the “txt” after dot and type “srt”. The file name should look like “”.

That's all. Now, you can add this file to your Cinema8 project. Read this article to learn how to.

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