Making Amazing Video Surveys, Using Hotspots as Options on Interactive Videos

Making Amazing Video Surveys, Using Hotspots as Options on Interactive Videos

Surveys are question lists that have been used for many purposes for years. In general terms, they are used to identify people's attitudes, thoughts and feelings, suggestions and to obtain information. This collected information begins to differ during the evaluation phase and during the actions taken after the evaluation. This information can be used to produce scientific results, to understand and increase the value of a brand, to improve the user experience, to support sales and marketing, or to understand what the next product you will develop.

Data collection with surveys was carried out with some online applications containing traditional methods. People have gotten bored now that they have been doing a lot for years, and they don't pay much attention to online surveys and forms. Completing these surveys to people has become a very expensive and difficult job.

On the other hand, we can say that the videos are the most engaging content because we see that the most consumed content is videos. Accordingly, we predict that video surveys will be a new and effective solution in our lives and will replace the classical survey applications. So how?

Use Hotspots and Get Audio & Video Records

The researchers were carrying out their studies using traditional survey methods or face-to-face methods that they thought were safe. Now you can do these surveys and data collection operations in pleasant teaser videos, while watching people do something, by specifying their own scenarios at the selection points you create.


In fact, you can design hybrid video surveys as a method where you can combine the classical method and face-to-face interviews in one common place. Using stylish clickable areas on your videos, you can create fun surveys and collect data without filling out forms. You can have the answers to the questions you ask your respondents to save as audio or video. In this way, you can interpret non-verbal expressions by observing the movements, speech-language, and tone of the people. You can read these articles about  how to use hotspots  and  audio/video input questions .

Meaningful Insights

These video surveys, which people can access via their web browsers without any download, can increase their response rates. You can reach the reports of all the interactive elements you have added into the interactive video survey very quickly. By evaluating them, get meaningful insights to use in your work.

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