Reporting And Analytics With Cinema8

Reporting And Analytics With Cinema8

With Cinema8 Analytics for your live projects, you can get project-based reports and make detailed analyses for each of your projects.

There are 2 ways to look at the analytics of live projects.

1. With the Action button on the Projects tab

Cinema8 - Analytics Module 1

On the Projects tab, find the live project whose analytics you want to look at and click the Action button on the right side. Click Analytics from the Action buttons. You will be directed to the analytics page of the direct live project.

2. With the More Analytics button on the Analytics tab

Cinema8 - Analytics Module 1

Click the Analytics tab in Creative Studio and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Type your project name in the Search field just above the project list and find it. Click the icon in the Analytics section to the right of your live project. You will be taken directly to the live project's analytics page.

Cinema8 - Analytics Module - Project Analytics

The first thing you will see on the project's Analytics screen is the overall analysis of your live project. You can see the interaction, view, unique view, total watch time, identity, video duration information. Besides this information, you can see how many seconds the project was watched.


Cinema8 - Analytics Module - Project Heatmapğ

Heatmap table gives to you information from the viewer; Provides user information, device, IP address, page, UTM source, country/city, watched (sec) and watched (%). You can download the Heatmap table by clicking the Download Heatmap Report button at the bottom right of the table.


Tracks table is a table that gives detailed information about interaction points and its use is valid only for interactive projects.

Click here to learn more about Tracks table.

Click here to learn more about Analytics.

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