Cinema8 Creative Studio version 2.1.1 update 4

Cinema8 Creative Studio version 2.1.1 update 4

Image Questions

Now, you can create image questions in Cinema8. A new feature has been added to the question types that are the interaction widgets in Cinema8 Interactive Video Platform. Now, you can add images into question texts.

Learn how to use question with image in Cinema8 by clicking the link below.

Using Questions

Html Widget Position

It is easy to arrange position of an Html widget in a video in Cinema8 Creative Studio. When you add an html widget to your video, open properties panel and set the position manually. Enter top, left, height and width values as percentage. 

Learn how to arrange position of html widget in Cinema8 by clicking the link below.

Using Html

Working with Layers is Much Easier

When you selected a widget in the lower layer when working with the layers, it was difficult to move and size it on the video if the upper layer had a widget in the same time interval and covered it. As a new development, when a widget on the layer is clicked, it is displayed in front in the z axis in order to work on the video on the video more easily. This feature is only available on the editor screen, it does not affect the player.

Creation Time in Analytics

A new data that shows the project creation date and time has been added to analytics page in Cinema8. You can see the Created At column in analytics screen.

News Features in Advertising Widget

You can add ads to your videos in Cinema8 Creative Studio. VAST and VPAID type ads are now available with the widget, whose new name is Advertising. You can add these ads in 3 ways: Inline Linear, Skippable Inline Linear and Non-linear Inline.

A control bar containing the info section, pause, play, mute, unmute, full-screen and exit full-screen features has been added to show that the advertisement is loaded and how many seconds is left for the advertisement in Linear type VAST advertisement videos. With this feature that found in almost all known Html5 players, viewers can mute, and pause/play the ad.
However, the player control bar is not displayed for VPAID type ads, as is the case with most players.

When you mark the "Pause video when ad loading" checkbox in the Properties section of these ads that you can manage in the video, the main video will be stopped until the ad is loaded.
For the onEnd feature used for actions to be taken when the ad ends, if the ad is nonLinear, it runs at the point where the widget ends in the timeline. If it is a linear advertisement, it will work when the advertisement video is finished. If this linear ad is skippable, if the video is skipped before it is finished, it works as soon as it is skipped, and if it is not skipped, it will run when the ad is finished.

This feature is suitable for all Google Ad Manager, Google AdSense or VAST-compliant ad servers.

Learn how to add advertising to a video in Cinema8 by clicking the link below.

Adding Advertising

Click Effect for Hotspots

The clickEffect feature has been added to the hotspots that you use on your videos, creating the feeling of clicking. You can activate this feature from the clickEffect section in the properties panel of the "Clickable Area" and "Image" widgets.

Learn how to use hotspots in Cinema8 by clicking the link below.

Using Hotspots

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