Cinema8 CMS

Introduction to the Cinema8 CMS

Cinema8 video CMS, which contains all the features that can be found in a common video CMS and even more, enables its users to manage all video content processes from a single point. You can see all the capabilities below.


To build a video CMS structure, first, you should have a library. Cinema8, which allows multiple uploads at once, also allows you to synchronize your other video accounts if you have. Your uploaded or transferred videos from your other accounts will appear in your own library and they are now ready to be managed.

You can find out how you can synchronize your existing video accounts by clicking here.

You can continue by tagging your videos in your library, you can access them more easily while searching. You can also group your videos as desired using the folder structure. It has always been good to work in a fully organized structure.

Editing and Interaction Design

Needing different programs to edit and add something to a video requires both extra effort and budget. In such cases, Cinema8 provides more than that. You have the capability to even edit your videos in your library and add interactions. Gamified interactive videos allow you to keep your viewers’ attention in the video for a long time. Thus, you can reach the message to the audience more easily and clearly.
You don't need any code writing skills when creating an interactive experience on Cinema8. Everything is completed by dragging and dropping the interaction widgets into the timeline of your video and with a few simple edits. Now, also your viewers enable to direct the video according to their own choices when you create decision points on the videos. You can prepare interactive educational, shoppable, marketing, entertainment videos, and for any industry, with the widgets including questions, scoring, sections, directions, and more.

To start doing all this, sign up now for a 7-days trial.

Corporate Video Tube

Organizations prefer to publish their videos on their own private channels. Other public platforms like YouTube, are good for public videos. However, for internal video content, they are not enough to secure and manage your private data.
Cinema8 Corporate Tube provides you a lot of capabilities to publish your traditional videos and interactive videos, create playlists and channels. Moreover, you can customize the Tube view for each of your users. You can define custom channels according to per user, and authorize them to access to only those you want.
Users that you define to the system can log in to your Tube with their own user names and passwords, like and comment on the videos, subscribe to the channels, save a video for watching later, or add to their own playlists.


Making everything special for your organization brings forward the sense of belonging and your corporate appearance. Cinema8 allows you to create a customized player, background, and enterprise tube look that matches your institution's colors and style. Moreover, you can customize the fonts that you will add to your videos from Google Fonts.

You can click here to find out how you can customize your player customization and fonts.
In addition, you can customize your videos that viewers will follow the ways with their own choices while making your videos interactive. One of the most important points here is that you can address them with the information you received- for example, address them by name, or explain the score they got at the end of the video. It is very easy to perform it in Cinema8.
Sign up now to take action and prepare your interactive videos.


Security is the most important issue that organizations must handle. Cinema8 uses Akamai CDN, a powerful streaming and storage infrastructure, to deliver all of your videos safely and quickly to your audience. Cinema8 ensures the security of your video content by allowing you to set IP restrictions, set passwords for your videos and use single sign-on. Moreover, you can control who will watch what by giving authorization to the users you will create in the system. With these features, it ensures that your content reaches the right users, not malicious people.


Everyone wonders how their content has an impact on people and whether this works. You can achieve this by measuring your videos' views and interactions. Cinema8's Analytics module provides you with overall views of your videos, heatmaps, the rate of interactions and all of the user-based reports. Using all this data, you can create insight for your department and institution, review your videos accordingly and design the videos you will produce in the future.
Looking at all this in the long term, it can also show whether your investment is returning. With the very detailed reporting results offered by Cinema8, you can benefit from these measurements in the ROI model that you will create for your organization.

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