Settings & Configuration

Settings & Configuration

You can make all of the technical settings of the Tube here.

Settings Configuration

When you click the settings button on the Tube tab, you will come to the Tube settings page.

Mark to Portal Profile Page Enabled checkboxes if you want to activate the profile page on your Tube account.

The profile page is on your tube account, do not activate Portal Profile Settings Enabled if you do not want to use it.

Mark to Portal Forgot Password Enabled checkbox If you would like to offer your forgotten password option for your Tube account users.

Mark to Portal Signup Enabled checkbox If you would like to offer your signup option for your Tube account users.

Mark to Portal Ui Type checkbox If you want to allow user registration for your tube account.

Select the logo in your file for the Tube logo. Click «Browse» button. Find your logo and add it.

Add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics accounts so they appear on your Tube account.

After making all the settings and entering the necessary information, save by clicking the Save button. Your settings will be active after a while. To view your activated settings in Tube, click the Open Tube button in the top right corner of the page and go to Tube.

Click here to see how to create Channel.

Click here to see how to create Playlist.

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