Server Side WebHooks

Server Side WebHooks

A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately. Cinema8 Webhooks are a method you can use to inject your own business processes into your interactive videos.

Creating Webhook

Let's look at how you can adding webhook.

First, return to the main menu and click on the "Tools" button.

 Server Side WebHooks

Then click the "Webhooks" button on the page that opens.

 Server Side WebHooks

Click the "Add Webhook" button.

Server Side WebHooks

Let's take a look at the settings of the webhook we will add.


Server Side WebHooks

1- The field where you will enter the name of Webhook

2- The field where you will enter the link where you will post the data
While posting your data with Webhook, you may want to create special headers as an additional security measure. While a person who can access the webhook link used may have access to your data, you can avoid this by using the header feature.

3- The field you will enter the name of the header you will create

4- The field where you can enter values in the header you create.
With this feature, you can compare the header value you created while controlling the header value you created in your system, but you can access the data if the values match.
This feature is also used as a security measure. It is intended that people who do not have access to the header and header value data you have created cannot access your webhook data.

5- Button where you can create a new header

6- When this feature is turned on; As soon as Webhook in your video is running, the video will be stopped until the webhook link being run returns the response. The purpose of this feature is to prevent problems such as internet problems while sending data via webhook or late response of the webhook link.

7- Configure Which User Interactions will be posted to the endpoint.

Adding Webhook to Video

Following the webhook narration steps, I create a new test webhook.

Cinema8 Interactive Video Articles Using Webhooks in Interaction Design 5 , this URL is a test webhook within cinema8 platform , it is a basic echo webservice that also injects some dummy variables to the response.
  1. {
    	     "discountCode": "C8-COUPON-XYZ",
    	     "imageUrl": "" 

I am creating a new project to add the webhook I created. Click to see how you can create a new project.

Since there are two data in my test link that I can import into my video (“discountCode” and “imageUrl”), I add two HTML tools. I will embed the data in the link into these HTML elements.

Note: When you want to bring data into the video via webhook in Cinema8, you can also get the values inside the objects. Because Cinema8 webhook supports the "nested object" model. Click to see how you can extract data from the object via Webhook.

We will be using a HTML element to visualize webhook response data within interactive video.

1-  "Source Code" field where I can place code blocks in my HTML tool.

I click on my Source Code button in my HTML tool and insert and save the "DiscountCode: $ {discountCode! -}" code.

 We will also add “imageUrl” data, which is already in webhook response data. I'm coming to the Source Code section. I place and save the code "<img src =" $ {imageUrl} "/>" in the source code.

Server Side WebHooks


Finally, I add one clickable area to invoke the Webhook I created. When this clickable area is clicked, I will give "On Click" feature for Webhook to work.

I open the settings by clicking on the Cliackable Area I added.

Cinema8 Interactive Video Articles Using Webhooks in Interaction Design 9


I will add my Webhook here. I click on the On Click field and select the "Execute Webhook" option.

Cinema8 Interactive Video Articles Using Webhooks in Interaction Design 10


Then, by clicking on the "Choose" button, I select the "Test Webhook" that I created first.

Note: If an action other than the Webhook is selected in the onClick, onStart, onEnd, or onComplete events, the other selected action will not work unless the webhook successfully performs the data return. When successful data flow is achieved through the webhook, then the other onClick action selected will also work.

Cinema8 Interactive Video Articles Using Webhooks in Interaction Design 11  


Now when I click on the clickable area, my Webhook will run and data will be sent to the HTML tools I added.

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