Getting started with C8 API

Getting started with C8 API

Cinema8 APIs to build extensive digital experiences within your videos.

Cinema8 has an extensive API to support your business and your customers’ needs while developing interactive video-based solutions. Whether you are developing a web application, mobile application, or service, you can integrate cinema8 interactive videos into your business processes. 
Cinema8 Rest API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. You can also use OAuth 2.0 protocol to create authenticated user access within an embedded C8 player with SSO support.Cinema8 supports common OAuth 2.0 scenarios such as those for web servers, client-side, installed, and limited-input device applications.

To begin, obtain OAuth 2.0 client credentials from the Cinema8 API key console. Then your client application requests an access token from the Cinema8 Authorization Server, extracts a token from the response, and sends the token to the Cinema8 API that you want to access or embeds it to the c8 player to authenticate user access.

Cinema8 also has different API levels that can be accessed within your javascript code, Widget development environment, or while working in the C8 creative studio. You can also integrate your videos with custom business processes using client-side Hooks or server-side Webhooks.

We will discuss all in these article series.

Generating API key for integrations

API keys can be used to access REST services , SSO and authentication. You can also pass this key to authenticate viewers while playing videos.

Javascript API

The basics of how to use the Cinema8 Player JavaScript API to embed and control any interactive project inside your web applications.


The basics of how to use the Cinema8 Rest API to implement server-side integrations.

Authentication & SSO

Learn how to use SSO to authorize users to watch videos and generate user-specific analytics data.

Embedding Cinema8 Videos

Cinema8 supports multiple embedding functionality.Learn about  iframe embeds , dynamic url parameters , native embed with javascript code , Scorm embed , iframely etc..

Working with video URL parameters

Customizing interactive videos with URL parameters

Cinema8 React Player

Cinema8 react player to seamlessly integrate into your react or react native applications.

Studio Development & Using Variables

Cinema8 creative studio allows you to develop video interactions without writing code with drag-and-drop tools, You can still create variables in the video, fill these variables from integrations or widgets you have developed, and build algorithms over these variables. Learn how creative studio fits with the rest of the development tools. Variables are the main data representers within the Cinema8 environment. Learn how to share variables between widgets and interactive elements, how to use variables to decide what action to trigger with conditional actions, visualize variable values, and set and get variables inside javascript API and widgets. 

Widget API

Widgets are key expansion points of any cinema8 interactive video. While You can use any widget from the widget library you can also develop your own customized widgets with the C8 Widget Development environment. Learn about the widget environment where you can develop unlimited solutions natively integrated with the video timeline and access all inner features of C8 client APIs.

Server Side WebHooks

Learn how to integrate your business process into interactive videos with server-side 2way data sharing integration levels.

Javascript WebHooks - Custom CallBacks

You can trigger any client-based Callback while your videos running, and send and receive data to your client apps with Custom Callbacks.

Private Token API

Create custom video URLs to track specific users or user groups, and learn how to create and measure time-limited access URLs.

Scorm API

Learn how to share your interactive videos with any Scorm-compliant LMS systems, and use native scorm actions inside your interactive videos. 

Integrating Cinema8 with other platforms

This article walks you through multiple integration models within the Cinema8 Platform and provides a blueprint to help with your own integration scenario.

Code Samples

Check out sample codes to learn how to use cinema8 API.

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